“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”    --Emily Dickinson

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”    --Helen Keller

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Looking for someone to work with your organization or group? Teaching is my passion. Helping others on the journey to creativity, self-expression, and technical skill is my pretty much my favorite thing. There are tons of possibilities for class content. I can pack up my gazillions of supplies and come to you. Click the contact button below and let's talk. 

learn one-on-one

Would you like to learn something that isn't currently on the schedule? Or maybe you can't make the scheduled class. Prefer to learn in a quieter setting? There are lots of reasons to request your own personal class. We can meet in my studio or I can pack up my supplies go on the road. Arrange  to take a class of one (or ask a friend to join you) by clicking the contact button below.

get a professional consult

Wondering how to create a website? Thinking about teaching a class and not sure where to start? What about taking photos or creating graphics for social media? Ugh! All the hats we must wear to get our creative businesses going! It's difficult to acquire the skills we need AND make our products or create our services. I understand the overwhelm. If you would like to create a simple website, learn about making graphic images, get a better handle on teaching or social media or photography from a non-techie who speaks your language, click the contact button below and let's do this.

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