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teacher, maker, and life-long learner -- I'm a firm believer in the power of community and of the deep well of creativity in each of us.​

Henri Matisse said, "Creativity takes courage." Let's be courageous together.

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Creativity is about letting go, having fun, discovering and experimenting--it's about expressing your unique self and honoring your own precious story. And that, my friends, is good for the body and soul. Maybe you'll make your own handcrafted jewelry, fused glass, or marbled paper...whatever you choose to make, I promise to provide lots of instruction and create a safe place for creativity to flow. And I value your participation in my art classes, because I know you have much to teach me, too -- we are in this together. So, whether your creativity is a little on the rusty side or running wild and free, you are always welcome here.  

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I strive to make beautiful things, but it is even more important to me to create something personally meaningful. Maybe it conjures up treasured memories and feelings, helps recall a valued life lesson, or acts as talisman calling me back when I lose my way. All this creating means more to me than simple self-expression. I believe that a deeply personal creation often expresses a universal, something that connects us all -- that means you may find your own stories and lessons in my work. It's hard for me to imagine something more important than remembering our own stories and  understanding how much we have in common. 

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